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Algonquin Apartments


Algonquin Apartments


  • Both the Algonquins and the Chippewa are part of an area called "Indian Village", where several buildings take their names from famous Native American persons or tribes. Others are The Narragansett and The Powhatan.
  • The buildings were designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and associated architects soon after his landmark Promontory Apartments five blocks south.
  • The six Algonquin Apartments towers are identical 14-story buildings in East Kenwood, just north of the Hyde Park neighborhood border.
  • The buildings are arranged in two rows: 4 buildings on the west, and 2 more directly east of the middle two of those.
  • Another 14-story building very similar to the Algonquins fills the space in the southeast corner of the lot. Named The Chippewa, it was built by the same developers but contains condominiums.


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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 View from 3 blocks south, in its surroundings Algonquin Apartments 6 144 ft 14 high-rise building 1951
2 Southwest corner Algonquin Apartments 2 144 ft 14 high-rise building 1951
3 South façade Algonquin Apartments 1 144 ft 14 high-rise building 1951
4 North façade Algonquin Apartments 3 144 ft 14 high-rise building 1951
5 View from the train platform looking northeast Algonquin Apartments 4 144 ft 14 high-rise building 1951
6 View from the southwest Algonquin Apartments 5 144 ft 14 high-rise building 1951