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Your Location: World Asia Saudi Arabia Makkah [مكة] Makkah Abraj Al Bait

Abraj Al Bait


Abraj Al Bait
Al Bait Towers, Abraj al-Bait, DOKAAE, Development of King Abdul Aziz Endowment


  • The complex is located next to the Ka'aba and only steps away from the Holy Mosque.


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Developer, Elevator supplier, Escalator supplier, Formwork supplier, General contractor, Project management, Real estate agent, Tenant

# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 Makkah Clock Royal Tower 1,972 ft 120 skyscraper 2012
2 Abraj Al Bait Qiblah Tower 762 ft 57 skyscraper 2012
3 Abraj Al Bait Maqam Tower 762 ft 57 skyscraper 2012
4 Abraj Al Bait Hajar Tower 48 skyscraper 2012
5 Abraj Al Bait ZamZam Tower 48 skyscraper 2012
6 Abraj Al Bait Marwah Tower 42 skyscraper 2008
7 Abraj Al Bait Safa Tower 42 skyscraper 2007