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John Portman & Associates


303 Peachtree Center Avenue N.E., Suite 575
Atlanta 30303

+001 404-614-5555
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architect, structural engineering, design architect, master plan architect

Company Description

John Portman & Associates, Inc. (PORTMAN) is an internationally recognized architectural and engineering firm with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Shanghai, China. Established in 1953, PORTMAN has more than 55 years of expertise in designing hotels, universities, offices, trade marts, and mixed-use urban complexes. The firm’s diverse team of talented professionals provides design services in architecture, master planning, programming, structural engineering, and project management.

With the establishment of the Shanghai office in 1993, the firm became one of the first foreign architectural companies to do work in China. The firm strives for an architecture that is more than just the design of a building, but rather a creation of a place for people, one that consciously uplifts a person through an enhancement of the human condition. Vision, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit are the fundamental factors that influence their design philosophy.

Understanding human values and the human response to space, nature, and light is integral to the work. Nature and space – both external and internal – are indigenous to the firm’s architectural approach. PORTMAN is renowned for innovative, responsive design solutions that are sensitive to the local culture and the context in which they exist. The firm aspires to integrate design excellence with economic feasibility. Development knowledge and ownership interests give PORTMAN designers a unique perspective on the economic aspects of the design process in resolving how to turn visionary ideas into practical realities.PORTMAN designs buildings that enhance the experience for those who use them, while being a sound investment for those who own and operate them.

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Involved Projects (80 Projects)

# Building Location Height Floors Building type Year Status Role
1 Hilton San Diego Bayfront Expansion [Hilton San Diego Bayfront] San Diego 375 ft 30 skyscraper 2016
2 Incheon Tower 1 [Incheon Tower] Incheon 1,926 ft 151 skyscraper 2014
3 Incheon Tower 1 [Incheon Tower] Incheon 1,926 ft 151 skyscraper 2014
Master plan architect
4 Incheon Tower 2 [Incheon Tower] Incheon 1,926 ft 151 skyscraper 2014
5 Incheon Tower 2 [Incheon Tower] Incheon 1,926 ft 151 skyscraper 2014
Master plan architect
6 Zhixin Plaza Signature Tower [Zhixin Plaza] Wenzhou 837 ft 53 skyscraper 2013
7 Jin Hongqiao International Center Shanghai 486 ft 29 skyscraper 2013
8 Park Hyatt Hyderabad Hyderabad 89 ft 8 low-rise building 2012
9 Zhe Jiang Fortune Finance Center West Tower [Zhe Jiang Fortune Finance Center] Hangzhou 846 ft 52 skyscraper 2011
10 Zhe Jiang Fortune Finance Center East Tower [Zhe Jiang Fortune Finance Center] Hangzhou 617 ft 36 skyscraper 2011
under construction
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