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Interpane Glas Industrie AG


Sohnreystrasse 21
37697 Lauenförde

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General Information

glass supplier, facade installation, tenant, window supplier

Company Description

Interpane is one of the major European glass manufacturers and offers a wide range of functional glass. The company was founded in Lauenförde, near the Weser river in Lower Saxony, Germany, in 1971 by Georg F. Hesselbach and today has production facilities at eleven locations in Germany, Austria and France.

The company's product range includes float glass and low-iron float glass, high-quality coated insulation glass, soundproofing glass, solar control glass, safety glass, glass for design and decoration as well as glass for solar applications.

AGC and Interpane have been working together since mid-2012, resulting in a bigger network, more locations as well as an exclusive and diverse product range. The two glass specialists complement one another, providing an optimized combination of know-how and technology. This has created an outstanding glass portfolio, giving customers across Europe faster access to products and services.

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Involved Projects (302 Projects)

# Building Location Height Floors Building type Year Status Role
1 Elbphilharmonie Hamburg 361 ft 25 skyscraper 2016
Glass supplier
2 Tour Majunga Puteaux 636 ft 42 skyscraper 2014
Glass supplier
3 Devon Energy Center Oklahoma City 845 ft 52 skyscraper 2012
Glass supplier
4 One One One Eagle Street Brisbane 640 ft 50 skyscraper 2012
Glass supplier
5 Ericus-Contor [Ericusspitze] Hamburg 10 low-rise building 2012
Glass supplier
6 ADAC Zentrale Munich 285 ft 23 high-rise building 2011
Glass supplier
7 Spiegel-Gebäude an der Ericusspitze [Ericusspitze] Hamburg 200 ft 15 high-rise building 2011
Glass supplier
8 The Curve Amsterdam 85 ft 6 low-rise building 2011
Glass supplier
9 Signature Tower [The Marq on Paterson Hill] Singapore 24 high-rise building 2010
Glass supplier
10 Premier Tower [The Marq on Paterson Hill] Singapore 24 high-rise building 2010
Glass supplier
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