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About Toronto

2,615,060 in city
5,623,400 in metro
629.91 km² (243.21 mi²)
76 m

With nearly 6 million people in the metropolitan area Toronto is Downtown Canada, the biggest city in the country with the skyline to match.

More than 200 years ago, the banks of Lake Ontario were known to the Huron people as Toronto, a word in their language that meant "meeting place." In 1793, British settlers named the town that had sprung up, York. In 1834, they realized that the Hurons were right in the first place. It remains today a meeting place, a crossroads of culture and cultures; Toronto has been the name ever since.

But then again, people keep coming up with different ways to identify this vibrant, exciting place. Hardly anyone fails to mention its multi-ethnicity, but more and more people are discovering new adjectives for Toronto, one of only three cities in the world without a dominant ethnic or cultural group.



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