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St. Louis

St. Louis

About St. Louis

318,172 in city
2,892,874 in metro
61.93 mi² (160.39 km²)

Situated at the confluence of two of the world's great rivers - the Missouri and the Mississippi - St. Louis enjoys a prime central location on the continent. In 1965, America's "Gateway to the West" made that title literal by building the Gateway Arch, the centerpiece of its skyline.

A Midwestern city with a touch of Southern culture, St. Louis rose to early prominence as one of America's major cities. As it entered the 20th century, it was the 4th largest city in the United States and still ranks as the largest metropolitan area in the state of Missouri. It is one of only 3 Summer Olympics host cities in the United States.

The city's skyline is oriented on a latitudinal axis west of the Arch, all the way to Clayton, one of America's largest suburban skylines. In between lies Forest Park, the cultural center of the St. Louis area; the legacy of the 1904 World's Fair, it houses several major museums, performance areas, St. Louis Zoo, and the charming Jewel Box conservatory.


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