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About Shamkir

35,000 in city
442,506 in metro

Different versions exist on the meaning of the word “Shamkir”.It was mentioned as Shamkur in the medieval Arabian and Persian sources as Shamkur and Shamkir in the Turkish sources. Zeynaloghlu who published his book “The Brief History of Azerbaijan” in Istanbul in 1924 gives the following explanation to the word:

Shams means the Sun and Kur means to rely that is relying on the Sun.

Shamkir is one of the cities of early Middle Ages. The ruins of the ancient Shamkir are on the left bank of the Shamkir River. The tower of the city covered an area of 20 hectares. The tower of the city was joined by two bridges on the right bank of the river. The ruins of the bridge are still preserved in the city.

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