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About Seattle

634,535 in city
4,158,253 in metro
88.52 mi² (229.27 km²)

Named after Chief Sealth, who as a young boy observed the ships of Captain George Vancouver arrive in Puget Sound in 1792.

Founded on November 13, 1851 and incorporated in 1869, Seattle is located in the state of Washington on Puget Sound, 182 km from the US-Canadian border. Metropolitan Seattle is the commercial, cultural and advanced technology hub of the US Pacific Northwest and a major port city for trans-Pacific and European trade. Surrounded by mountains and water, the Greater Seattle area features picture-perfect views, abundant recreational opportunities and mild climate year-round.

Corporate home to Microsoft and Amazon.com and birthplace of heavyweights Boeing, United Parcel Service, Costco, and Starbucks. Seattle is commonly referred to as the Emerald City and highly regarded as one of the best places anywhere to work, live and play.



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