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About Nairobi

1,324,570 in city
4,000,000 in metro
264.09 mi² (684 km²)

Nairobi, a bustling city with an ultra modern skyline. Nairobi is over a mile above sea level; its climate is temperate and not too drastic an adjustment for travelers arriving from colder northern climates. Nairobi is today, one of the most important commercial centers in Africa, and is the largest city between Johannesburg and Cairo. Today, Nairobi has evolved into an international center with a spirit of its own.

The city is cosmopolitan with its churches, synagogue, temples and mosques. Nairobi is base to International organizations such as United Nations Environment Program, World Health Organization, multinational businesses and foreign embassies. Nairobi has retained most of its original flavor.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
108 All buildings
under construction

Tallest buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Times Tower 459 ft 1997
2 Kenyatta International Conference Centre 345 ft 1974
3 Social Security House 337 ft 1973
4 I & M Bank Tower 325 ft 2001
5 KCB Plaza 325 ft 2013

Other buildings

No. Type
4 Famous buildings

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