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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

About Hong Kong

7,061,200 in city
7,357,430 in metro
406.57 mi² (1,053 km²)
164 ft

A former British colony, taken by the British empire in the 19th century and handed back to China in 1997. Now a Special Administrative Region in the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong (the name means Fragrant Harbour) is a major seaport, financial center and the business hub of Asia.

The tiny portion of flat land available for construction (estimated to be around 200 sq. kms.) has led to a concentrated high-rise environment and very high population density. More than 85% of the population growth in Hong Kong Metro (1991-2001) has been within the New Territories.

Home for many business tycoons and giant companies as well as poor illegal immigrants, Hong Kong is a city of opportunities, extremities, and busy streetlife.



No. of Buildings

No. Current status
8,117 All buildings
under construction

Tallest buildings

# Building Height Year
1 International Commerce Centre 1,588 ft 2010
2 Two International Finance Centre 1,362 ft 2003
3 Central Plaza 1,227 ft 1992
4 Bank of China Tower 1,205 ft 1990
5 The Center 1,135 ft 1998

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