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About Hamburg

1,802,043 in city
4,014,800 in metro
291.63 mi² (755.32 km²)
52 ft

With 1,7 million inhabitants, Hamburg is the second largest city in the Federal Republic of Germany. In one respect, however, Hamburg takes first place: it is one of the greenest cities in Germany.

High quality of life and a well-developed transport network are of great importance to Hamburg´s attractiveness as a centre for industry and commerce. Citizens of Hamburg and tourists can enjoy the many recreation and leisure areas in and around Hamburg: the Elbe, the Lüneburg Heath, the lakes in Holstein and Mecklenburg and the beaches of the North and Baltic Seas.

Hamburg features one of the world's major aircraft construction sites, Airbus Industries (EADS) in Finkenwerder, and has just begun developing a former harbour area of 155ha as additional city space, the HafenCity zone, which will be Hamburg's main architectural challenge for the next 20 years.



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