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Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main

About Frankfurt am Main

691,518 in city
4,215,055 in metro
95.89 mi² (248.36 km²)
384 ft

Germany's oldest trade fair town, Frankfurt is currently the most important commercial center in the Federal Republic. With the seat of the European Central Bank and some of the world’s largest corporate banks, Frankfurt am Main has become the financial capital of Continental Europe, and its pivotal location has made it the continent’s largest air and rail hub.

The upcoming conversion of Frankfurt Central Station from a dead-end into a through station will make possible Frankfurt 21, turning the railroad yard into part of a gigantic development between the trade fair grounds (Messegelände) and the river Main.

Probably no other city has as much enthusiasm for its skyscrapers. Every few years Frankfurt hosts the Wolkenkratzer-Festival, a major event where skyscrapers are open to the public and spectacular laser and fireworks shows highlight the buildings at night. And there is much to celebrate – with a booming skyline and a high standard of architecture, "Mainhattan" is a visually exciting metropolis with a bright future. Also known as the "most American city outside the USA".


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