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About Austin

842,592 in city
1,716,289 in metro
217.76 mi² (564 km²)
541 ft

Austin is the capital of Texas, and 4th largest city, and is located slightly southeast of the state’s center in Texas Hill Country - surrounded by rivers, lakes, plateaus, caves, and cold springs.

The city and parts east are lightly forested, while a semi-desert environment begins 100 miles to the west, with hills reaching 3,000 feet in elevation. Native trees are Live, Post, and Spanish Oak; White Elm, Pecan, Pine, Cedar, & Sycamore.

Austin is within 200 miles of 3 of the 10 largest cities in the US: San Antonio, Dallas and Houston. It has grown into the 4th largest capital city in the United States and 17th largest city in the US, up from 27th place in 1990.



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