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About Atlanta

420,003 in city
5,910,296 in metro
341 m² (3,670 ft²)
320.04 m
Birthplace of Coca-Cola (the most recognized brand name in the world) and the unofficial Capital of the South, Atlanta is one of America's most prosperous cities. Set in the beautiful red-soiled forests at the lower end of the Appalachian Mountains, Atlanta has kept much of its southern grace even while earning a reputation as a modern and progressive city. The skyline is truly unique, stretching in a straight line along Peachtree Street from Downtown all the way to the tallest suburban building in the U.S., in Sandy Springs . In fact Atlanta really has several skylines, which may all be seen together in various combinations from different vantage points. One of the best viewpoints is from the romantic Piedmont Park in Midtown. Atlanta's most famous natural "skyscraper" is Stone Mountain - a giant dome of granite towering over the eastern suburbs.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
815 All Buildings
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Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Bank of America Plaza 1,023 ft 1992
2 SunTrust Plaza 871 ft 1992
3 One Atlantic Center 820 ft 1987
4 191 Peachtree Tower 770 ft 1990
5 Westin Peachtree Plaza 723 ft 1976

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17 Famous buildings
64 Buildings with construction images