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About Vancouver

603,502 in city
2,285,893 in metro
114 km² (44 mi²)
50.902218971 m
This vibrant and spirited city is one of the world's top motion picture and television production centres. Located in a breathtakingly gorgeous setting, it is the busiest seaport in Canada and the country's third largest metro area. Ranked as one of the best cities to live anywhere by one Quality of Life survey after another, this city on the rise was host of the successful 2010 Olympics. Biggest city in the northwest corner of North America, it is one of only three major cities in the world without a dominant ethic or cultural group. Cosmopolitan people are reason for the slogan, Once in a world a city like Vancouver. The skyline is dramatic evidence of a unique and lasting love affair with the high-rise condo. Per capita no city in North America has as many residential high-rises, with Concord Pacific Place, the continent's largest master-planned community, a major contributor to the claim. Vancouverites will pay for views of the mountains and water and, with nowhere to grow but up, demand has created a downtown peninsula home to 100,000 residents. Opening the 21st century with a mega-boom unprecedented in its history, building construction hit an all-time high forcing office vacancy rates to near zero. Population density is highest on the continent after New York, San Francisco, and Mexico City, and on track to being second by 2021. Writer Lance Berelowitz in Dream City began his epilogue with, "Vancouver has always been a seductress, a city of desire. It is now consciously selling itself as such on the global marketplace of cities. And many are buying."

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
1,454 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Living Shangri-La 659 ft 2008
2 The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia 517 ft 2012
3 One Wall Centre 491 ft 2001
4 Shaw Tower 489 ft 2004
5 Harbour Centre 481 ft 1977

Other buildings

No. Type
38 Famous buildings
73 Buildings with construction images