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The Broadgate Tower


The Broadgate Tower


Structure in General

existing [completed]
pile foundation
stainless steel
curtain wall
light gray
structural expressionism
active heating (unspecified)


commercial office


  • The tower has a central core with visible steel cross bracing to the exterior.
  • The tower's lifts are the world's first to be both double-decker and equipped with destination control.
  • There is a level difference of approximately 3 metres between the northern end of the site and Worship Street, so that the columns of the northern facade begin at a height of +14.4m AOD whereas the remainder of the building is grounded at a level of +17.15m AOD.
  • The Broadgate tower has 877 steps.
  • The tower is clad in around 40,000 square metres of glass, roughly equal to the surface area of 154 tennis courts.
  • The tower is supported by a 6,000 tonne concrete and steel raft which straddles a railway tunnel. The west side's foundations descend to ground level whilst to the east, the tower is supported by a 5-storey A-frame which performs the task of a flying buttress.
  • The building is 50% more energy efficient than a comparable building of similar dimensions.
  • The tower employed around 14,000 tonnes of steel in its construction.

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More Information


20 Primrose Street
20 Primrose Street
201 Bishopsgate
City of London
United Kingdom

Technical Data

529.04 ft
529.04 ft
489.17 ft
475.56 ft
13.62 ft
9.02 ft

Involved Companies

Sika Services AG

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
acoustics consultant, construction company, consultant, crane rental, developer, ductwork supplier, electrical contractor, electrical engineering, elevator consultant, elevator supplier, escalator supplier, facade maintenance system supplier, facade supplier, fire protection engineering, general contractor, hoist supplier (construction), landscape architect, lighting consultant, mechanical engineering, mechanical systems installation, planning consultant, plumbing engineering, project management, quantity surveyor, real estate agent, roofing supplier, steel supplier, sustainable design consultant, wind surveyor

Features & Amenities

  • Double-decker elevators present
  • Elevator destination control
  • Handicapped accessible
  • Raised floors are available
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