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111 South Wacker


111 South Wacker


Structure in General

existing [completed]
composite structure
caisson foundation
stainless steel
curtain wall
light gray


commercial office
restaurant parking


  • The sidewalk is paved in a radial pattern which matches the lines on the lobby ceiling under the parking ramp.
  • The garage levels above the lobby are fronted with a series of V-braces, which are reflected on the facade by opaque glazing.
  • This building received a Distinguished Building Award from the Chicago Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in 2005.
  • Construction of this building proceeded almost parallel to that of Hyatt Center next door. The two buildings differ in height by only about one foot.
  • The original 111 South Wacker proposal featured a radical design with an office tower balanced on a narrow 120-foot stem, and supported by 20 gigantic diagonal braces.
  • On May 31, 2003 concrete supplier Ozinga poured 3,700 cubic yards of concrete to create a 10-foot thick foundation mat over the caissons.
  • 111 South Wacker is built on the site of the U.S. Gypsum Building, one of the tallest buildings ever demolished in Chicago.
  • Inspired by the cable-hung glass wall enclosing the UBS Tower lobby, the developer ordered a similar wall here. It was built, although the curved shape made its design much more complicated.
  • A parking ramp loops over the lobby in a wide corkscrew turn. The floor of the ramp forms the lobby's curved ceiling, whose slope is accentuated by rhythmic setbacks radiating from the building's core.
  • The architects have stated that the design of the parking ramp over the lobby turned out better than any of their drawings had projected.

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More Information


111 South Wacker Drive
345 West Monroe Street
111 South Wacker


Certified as LEED – Gold (2010)
Certified as LEED – Gold (2005)

Technical Data

681.22 ft
681.22 ft
681.22 ft
668.51 ft
13.00 ft
163.00 ft
184.83 ft
Apr 2003
May 2005

Involved Companies

acoustics consultant, concrete supplier, construction company, consultant, crane supplier (construction), developer, electrical contractor, electrical engineering, elevator supplier, facade consultant, facade supplier, financing, fire protection engineering, foundation company, general contractor, glass supplier, mechanical systems installation, property management, real estate agent, roofing supplier, sanitary engineering, shell construction, steel supplier, structural engineering

Features & Amenities

  • Exercise facility is available
  • Public parking is available
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