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Deutsche Bank Place


Deutsche Bank Place
126 Phillip Street, BT Tower


Structure in General

existing [completed]
composite structure
curtain wall
light gray dark blue
open framework


commercial office


  • This is the second-tallest building in the world with fewer than 40 stories; only Al Faisaliyah Center in Riyadh is taller.
  • Elevators in the transparent steel-framed exterior towers offer panoramic views of the city.
  • The tower's shape is designed to maximize daylight penetration into the offices.
  • According to surveys, tenants need thirty percent less floor area than in an ordinary building with a central service core because of the higher efficiency of space.
  • Locating elevators and service areas outside the main perimeter gives the office portion almost unlimited flexibility for space division.
  • The vertical circulation core is detached from the tower and linked to it by skybridges. A similar concept has been implemented in Rondo 1-B in Warsaw.
  • Distinctive setbacks are designed to ensure daylight penetration to nearby public sites.
  • The framework is extended over the roof in an open triangular structure with twin spires, giving the solid tower an appearance of delicacy.
  • The tips of the twin spires reach 270 meters above sea level.
  • Uninterrupted by elevator banks, the ground floor public area, 15 meters high and covering the whole footprint of the building, is open and transparent with ample space for cafes and amenities.
  • An atrium, Australia's tallest and one of the world's tallest, rises 150 meters between the main transportation core and the office tower. The space is visible from the elevators and is cut only by skybridges.
  • Deutsche Bank pre-committed to becoming the anchor tenant, and occupies 40% of the office space.

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126 Phillip Street
126 Phillip Street
City of Sydney
New South Wales

Technical Data

787.17 ft
787.17 ft
787.17 ft
524.93 ft
485.56 ft

Involved Companies

Foster + Partners
Hassell Pty Ltd

Lend Lease Design
acoustics consultant, client, consultant, developer, electrical engineering, elevator engineering, facade engineering, facade maintenance system supplier, fire protection engineering, general contractor, project management, property management, quantity surveyor, tenant, wind surveyor
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