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Bank of China Tower


Bank of China Tower


Structure in General

existing [completed]
space truss
curtain wall
light blue
structural expressionism


commercial office


  • Grouping of four triangular glass and aluminum towers of varying heights that emerge from a granite podium.
  • The inspiration of the design of the BOC is derived from the elegant poise of bamboo; its sectioned trunk being propelled higher and higher by each new growth. The BOC Tower is symbolic of strength, vitality and growth.
  • Tallest building in Hong Kong and Asia from 1989 to 1992, until the completion of Central Plaza.
  • First composite megastructure space frame high-rise building.
  • Replaced Hopewell Centre as the tallest building in Hong Kong when completed.
  • The building sports a 15-storey atrium.
  • A small skydeck that is open to the public on the 42nd floor gives a view to the northwest side of Hong Kong.
  • Construction of this tower was started on 18th April, 1985 and the official opening ceremony was held on 17th May, 1990.
  • The silver reflective glass is glazed in a low maintenance dry gasket system, and the curtain wall is a unitized design assembled off-site under factory conditions. This enabled close quality control of all aspects of the frame assembly, which numbers over 10,000 pieces in total.
  • It was the first building outside the United States to break the 1000 foot mark. That also means it was the tallest outside America from its completion year, 1990, through the completion year of Central Plaza, 1992.
  • Virtually every aspect of this building was challenging from moving material to a height never before achieved outside of the USA, to glazing the largest 25mm thick pattern cut lights ever produced. All required not only careful planning but also the development of new erection techniques.
  • This building is one of 18 buildings involved in the Hong Kong Tourism Commission's Victoria Harbour Lighting Plan.
  • The megastructural steelwork is expressed externally by naturally anodized panels that form part of the curtainwall.
  • The topping out ceremony was held on 8 August 1988, which is the century's most auspicious date.
  • The changes in geometry, from a square base through several geometric changes to a single spire, result in a multifaceted facade of angles and profiles that reflect the light and seem almost crystalline in composition.

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More Information


1 Garden Road
1 Garden Road
Central and Western
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Technical Data

1,205.38 ft
1,205.38 ft
1,001.02 ft
1,001.02 ft
946.00 ft
Apr 1985
Mar 1990

Involved Companies

HVAC supplier, MEP engineering, construction company, consultant, developer, elevator supplier, facade maintenance system supplier, facade supplier, interior fit-out, lighting consultant, lighting installation, project management, structural engineering, tenant, wind surveyor

Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
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