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Comcast Center


Comcast Center
One Pennsylvania Plaza


Structure in General

existing [completed]
composite structure
caisson foundation
curtain wall
light gray


commercial office rail station
shop(s) service branch(es) restaurant university parking tv studio


  • Originally proposed at 746 feet/50 floors, the developers increased the height in January 2004.
  • A vacant lot for many years, the Sheraton Penn Center Hotel formerly stood on this site.
  • Originally designed with a golden Kasota stone as an homage to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the latest Comcast design has scrapped stone altogether in favor of a glass curtain wall.
  • A new, grand entrance to Suburban Station (serving commuter rail and two subway lines) is incorporated into the design of the main public plaza.
  • This is the tallest building in Philadelphia, eclipsing One Liberty Place.
  • The building contains the world's largest tuned liquid column damper.
  • Approximately 4,500 temporary jobs will be created for construction.
  • Comcast Corporation, the world's largest cable television provider, announced on 3 January 2005 that they had signed a 15 1/2 year lease in what had previously been called One Pennsylvania Plaza, thus earning naming rights for the tower.
  • The building's crown is lit at night with a dramatic exterior scheme built into the structure.
  • This building surpassed Cleveland's Key Tower as the tallest building between New York and Chicago.
  • Floor heights measure 15 (floor-to-floor) and 11 feet (floor-to-ceiling) for levels 3 to 42, increasing to 17 and 13 feet for floors 43 to 57.

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More Information


1701 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
1700-1724 Arch Street, 32-50 North 17th Street
1701 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Market West
Center City

Technical Data

296.73 m
266.70 m
4.57 m
3.35 m
Jun 2008

Involved Companies

Kendall/Heaton Associates Inc.
MEP engineering, acoustics consultant, building physics, civil engineering, communications engineering, construction company, crane supplier (construction), damper consultant, developer, electrical connections, elevator supplier, facade installation, facade maintenance system supplier, formwork supplier, foundation engineering, general contractor, glass supplier, landscape architect, lighting consultant, owner, project management, shell construction, steel supplier, structural engineering, wind surveyor

Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • Tuned mass damper is installed
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