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Two World Trade Center


Two World Trade Center
2 WTC, 2 World Trade Center, 200 Greenwich Street


Structure in General

under construction [on hold]
composite structure
curtain wall
structural expressionism


commercial office
shop(s) trading center


  • The first office floor of this building will begin at 583 feet above street level.
  • The building is aligned along an axis so that (weather permitting) one side will be lit by sunshine each year on September 11th at exactly 8.46 a.m., the precise time that the first plane hit the One World Trade Center tower on September 11, 2001.
  • The building's appearance is that of four blocks rising together around a central, cruciform core; the tops of each are at irregular heights and are angled in such a way as to resemble "diamonds", which will be illuminated at night.
  • The building is topped with an antenna of 26 metres (85 feet).
  • Two World Trade Center includes 143,000 square feet of retail space, 60 office floors and a sky lobby.
  • The building has nine entrances, five of which are at street level with two each below-grade from the World Trade Center Transit Hub and retail area.
  • The building incorporates four trading floors with a total of 219,200 square feet, as well as 11.5 mechanical floor levels.
  • The building's central core is of reinforced concrete-encased steel, with an external structural steel frame; safety systems are designed to exceed both the Port Authority requirements and New York City building code.
  • The building is designed to achieve the gold rating from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program of the US Green Building Council.
  • Construction is slated to begin in July 2008.

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200 Greenwich Street

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1,350.00 ft
1,350.00 ft
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