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Trump World Tower


Trump World Tower


Structure in General

existing [completed]
curtain wall


residential condominium
restaurant fitness center


  • The building's units have views of Manhattan and the East River through a glass curtain wall.
  • The building is supported on Manhattan Rock with bearing capacity of 40 tons per square foot.
  • The lateral force resisting system consists of shear walls and frames interacting for the full height of the building with a perimeter concrete "belt" at mid-height and a perimeter concrete "hat" at the top.
  • The belt and hat are full-story concrete walls that form a tube around the perimeter of the tower.
  • In the preliminary design stages, structural steel was considered very briefly. Concrete framing was chosen for the following reasons: better overall response to wind, reduced floor-to-floor height, elimination of ceiling finishes, better soundproofing, and construction schedule.
  • Trump World Tower was the world's tallest all-residential tower from 2000 to 2002, when it was surpassed by Tower Palace Three, Tower G in Seoul.
  • The 22-storey United Engineering Center formerly occupied this site.
  • The tower's simple slab shape provides sharp contrast to the nearby 100 United Nations Plaza Tower, adorned with balconies and topped with a wedge.
  • Tallest building to go up in the city since Citigroup Center in 1977.
  • The building has a small but plush lobby.
  • The apartment prices, premium location and posh amenities like fireplaces in certain apartments have made the building popular with the very richest and most famous.
  • The plant room contains a 600-ton tuned mass damper.

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845-859 1st Avenue,
335-347 East 47th Street,
332-346 East 48th Street
845 United Nations Plaza

Technical Data

861.01 ft
861.01 ft
861.01 ft
843.01 ft
76.12 ft
144.03 ft
10.66 ft

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Features & Amenities

  • Tuned mass damper is installed