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The Tower, One St George Wharf


The Tower, One St George Wharf
Vauxhall Tower, The Tower, St George Tower, No.1 The Tower


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  • Energy efficiency is one of Vauxhall Tower's most important aspects. The structure is topped by a wind turbine, which will power the tower's common lighting. At the base of the tower, water will be drawn from the London Aquifer and heat pump technology will be used to remove warmth from the water in the winter to heat the apartments. The tower will require one third of the energy compared to a similar building and CO2 release will be between one half and two thirds of normal emissions. It will be triple glazed to minimise heat loss and gain, with low ‘e’ glazing and ventilated blinds between the glazing to further reduce heat gain.
  • If built, Vauxhall Tower would be the tallest residential building in the United Kingdom and one of the tallest in Europe. The total height from the basement is 185.4m (608.3ft) - 180.6m (592.5ft) of which is above ground. There is 1 basement floor, 1 ground floor (with mezzanine), 48 residential floors and a mechanical penthouse, all topped by an 11.4m (37.4ft) tall wind turbine.
  • The scheme was granted approval by the Deputy Prime Minister on appeal in 2005, following Lambeth Council's failure to determine the planning application within the statutory period.

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592.52 ft
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