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Spinnaker Tower


Spinnaker Tower
The Spinnaker Tower, Millennium Tower


Structure in General

observation tower
existing [completed]
pile foundation
structural expressionism




  • The high speed internal lift takes 30 seconds to reach the viewing decks and travels at 4 metres per second.
  • The viewing platforms are accessed by two elevators: an external glass panoramic elevator and an internal elevator.
  • The name of the tower is derived from its shape; it resembles a billowing spinnaker sail.
  • The tower has three observation decks including a walk-on-air glass floor and an open air viewing platform at the highest level.
  • Upon completion it became the United Kingdom's tallest purpose-built observation platform. The Observation decks provide spectacular views at heights of between 100 and 110 metres.
  • The Tower is founded on 84 piles and is constructed from enough concrete to fill five-and-a-half Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • On top of the tower is a 27m spire which weighs 14 tonnes.
  • The tower uses 7 red LED obstruction warning lights located from 80m upwards, with the highest situated on the top of the spire (170m). There is also 1 on the northern side of the tower at 117m, 2 at 115m on the eastern and western sides and 3 at 80m on the eastern, western and northern sides.
  • The illumination lighting is produced by a combination of 50 Martin 200 and 600 lights and is used every evening 15 minutes before sunset through to midnight. The general lighting colour is blue unless a specific colour is used to mark an event.

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Gunwharf Quays
United Kingdom

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557.74 ft
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