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Hotel Warszawa


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [under renovation]
applied masonry




  • Prudential was the first inter-war high-rise in Warsaw to exceed 50 meters and the first to exceed 15 floors. Surpassing PASTa, it held the Warsaw's tallest building title until Palace of Culture and Science was constructed.
  • Special attention was paid to the steel framework construction as buildings that high had never been built in Poland before.
  • After the uprising Prudential was almost totally destroyed by the Germans. Only the steel framework survived.
  • The original Prudential featured 5-story high annexes which were not rebuilt.
  • Over 1.250.000 bricks were used to construct the original Prudential.
  • In 1937 an experimental TV transmitter was installed on the roof. It gained symbolic meaning in August 1944, when it was used as a spire for the Polish flag during Warsaw's uprising against the Nazis.
  • Post-war changes in the building's appearance give it a more slender look. The only exception is the top 3 floors, which are set back from the main shaft.
  • Had the intial plans for Gmach Urzędu Telekomunikacyjnego calling for a 76.5 meter tower been realized, Prudential would never have become Warsaw's tallest building.
  • The hotel was rebuilt over the stripped framework after World War II, but the style was changed from early modern to neo-classical to reflect the new times that had come.
  • Prudential was the tallest example of early modern architecure in Warsaw before it was rebuilt following World War II. The present tallest early modern high-rise here is Ministerstwo Infrastruktury.
  • In post-war times Prudential was transformed into a hotel which operated up to July 1, 2003.
  • The building is scheduled to be renovated by the end of 2008. Plans include bringing back the pre-war external look as well as transforming upper floors to luxury apartments while leaving the rest of the building for hotel use.

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Plac Powstanców Warszawy 9

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220.47 ft
216.54 ft
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  • One of the city's famous buildings