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Pearl River Tower


Pearl River Tower
Guangdong Tobacco Building


Structure in General

existing [completed]
composite structure
curtain wall
light gray


commercial office


  • The building is designed to be 58% more energy efficient than requirements stipulated by local building codes.
  • The tower was designed to be the world's most energy efficient super-tall tower ever built.
  • The building's orientation was dictated by the direction of the prevailing wind.
  • Building has two major mechanical areas where turbines generate electricity from the wind blowing through the floors.
  • The sculptured form of the tower helps to direct winds at accelerated speeds to the pair of turbine inlets in each of the mechanical areas.
  • The facade system is designed to optimize use of daylight and simultaneously control solar loads.
  • The north and south faces utilize an internally-ventilated double-skin facade with automated blinds.
  • The east and west elevations have a triple-glazed facade with external shades and automated blinds inside the glazing cavity.
  • Photovoltaic panels are integrated into the external shading system and glass outer skin.
  • Employs a chilled-ceiling radiant cooling system.
  • The building utilizes a raised-floor displacement ventilation system.
  • Exhaust air is routed up through the cavity of the double-skin facade to the mechanical floors, where it is used by the ventilation and dehumidification system as an energy source.
  • There is a graywater recycling system in place to reduce water consumption.

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Zhujiang Avenue West

Technical Data

309.60 m
309.60 m
309.60 m

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Features & Amenities

  • Observation floor is available
  • Solar panels are installed
  • Wind turbines are present