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One World Trade Center


One World Trade Center
WTC North Tower, World Trade Center I, Tower A


Structure in General

demolished [destroyed]
framed tube
curtain wall
light gray


commercial office


  • Windows of the World Restaurant (the world's highest) occupied the 107th floor.
  • World's tallest building from 1972 - 1974; surpassed by the Willis Tower in Chicago.
  • The building was destroyed in the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001, when a Boeing 767 was flown into the building at the 85th floor at roughly 9:00 am. The building collapsed at 10:28 am.
  • Faced with the difficulties of building to unprecedented heights, the engineers employed an innovative structural model: a rigid "hollow tube" of closely spaced steel columns with floor trusses extending across to a central core.
  • The columns, finished with a silver-colored aluminum alloy, were 18 3/4" wide and set only 22" apart, making the towers appear from afar to have no windows at all.
  • Also unique to the engineering design were its core and elevator system.
  • Worried that the intense air pressure created by the buildings' high speed elevators might buckle conventional shafts, engineers designed a solution using a drywall system fixed to the reinforced steel core.
  • The twin towers were the first super-tall buildings designed without any masonry.
  • One World Trade Center was ready for its first tenants in late 1970, though the upper stories were not completed until 1972.
  • On 7th August 1974, French high wire artist Philippe Petit made an illegal tightrope walk back and forth between One and Two World Trade Center towers that lasted almost an hour.
  • Replaced the Empire State Building as the city's and the world's tallest building.

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West Street

Technical Data

1,725.72 ft
1,368.11 ft
1,368.11 ft
1,354.99 ft
207.16 ft
207.16 ft
Sep 2001

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings