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One Shell Plaza


One Shell Plaza


Structure in General

existing [completed]
mat foundation
curtain wall


commercial office


  • Tallest building in Texas from 1971-1980; surpassed by the Enterprise Plaza in Houston.
  • World's tallest reinforced concrete building from 1971 to 1975; surpassed by Water Tower Place in Chicago.
  • Parking areas and a shopping mall extend beneath the podium as well as a connecting tunnel to the city's existing network of downtown, subsurface shopping arcades.
  • The increased depth of columns at eight points, while acting as supplementary wind-bracing, gives the impression of a softy undulating exterior wall.
  • Clad with 27 tons of Italian travertine marble, quarried at Montecanti near Rome.
  • The walls at the base splay outward slightly (at the lobby and mezzanine levels).
  • The structure is a double-tube system, in which the perimeter walls and a shear wall core combine to bear the load and form stiff resistance to winds.
  • Windows are glazed with bronze colored glass.
  • Located on the 49th floor is The Downtown Club, which has been a Houston tradition since 1972 and is an exclusive private club.
  • This is the world headquarters of the Shell Oil Company.
  • Located in the first floor lobby is a small museum illustrating the history of the Shell Oil Company.
  • In Spring of 2004, some of the communications equipment on the large antenna was removed for maintenance work, which was finished by August of the same year.
  • The antenna atop the building was once the primary transmitter for KRIV-TV, which began broadcasting the year this building was completed.
  • The building rests on a raised podium and faces City Hall Park.

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910 Louisiana Street

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217.63 m
217.63 m
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