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One Magnificent Mile


One Magnificent Mile
One Mag Mile


Structure in General

existing [completed]
bundled tube
caisson foundation
curtain wall
dark pink
sloped roof


commercial office residential condominium
restaurant shop(s)


  • The tube heights reach 5, 21, 49 and 57 floors.
  • The structure consists of 4 bundled tubes, similar to the Sears Tower except that these are hexagonal instead of square.
  • Each of the tubes has a sloping roof. Penthouse units feature greenhouses and outdoor terraces.
  • Located at the inside corner of the Gold Coast streetwall where Lake Shore Drive turns east and the "Magnificent Mile" (Michigan Avenue's glamorous shopping and hotel district) begins.
  • The wall and ceiling lamps in the lobby are clusters of hexagonal tubes, like the building's structure.
  • Early plans by the building's developer called for a six-level retail mall at the base.
  • The hexagonal tubes were choses in part because they could be parallel both to the city's street grid and to Oak Street Beach at the same time.
  • The tubes' heights were calculated to minimize afternoon shadows on the beach.
  • In most of the apartments one room is a pentagon, allowing the remaining space in each unit to fit 90° angles.
  • In 1984 this building won the Best Structure Award from the Structural Engineers Association of Illinois.

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940-980 North Michigan Avenue

Technical Data

673.01 ft
673.01 ft
673.01 ft

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