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One Churchill Place


One Churchill Place
Canary Wharf BP1


Structure in General

existing [completed]
composite structure
curtain wall
light gray


commercial office


  • Atop the building is a 500 sq metre man-made nature reserve known as a stony meadow. The tallest of its type in the world, the reserve is designed to attract a myriad biodiversity including insects and nesting birds.
  • The height of 1 Churchill Place is 161.54m AOD (Above Ordnance Datum). Height AGL (Above Ground Level) is 156.4m when measured from the dockside flanking three sides of the building and 151.24m when measured from the Churchill Place entrance.
  • 1 Churchill Place was the first skyscraper erected in London after the attack on New York's the World Trade Center in 2001. As such, it has been designed with terrorist attacks in mind, with features such as air-conditioning intakes placed on the roof to hinder entry to the building by toxic agents and separate fire-fighting lift cores.
  • The building features a series of five stacked atria, each six storeys tall.
  • At the time of construction, the building boasted Europe's largest slip form core.
  • 1 Churchill Place houses the world headquarters of Barclays Bank PLC, one of the United Kingdom's largest banks.
  • The building is supported on 215 base-grouted piles.

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1 Churchill Place
United Kingdom

Technical Data

512.93 ft
512.93 ft
512.93 ft

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  • Green roof is present