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Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya


Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya
Torre Catalunya


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
curtain wall
international style




  • On top of the building there is a Sony ad which is illuminated at night and turns with the wind.
  • Originally an office building before it became a hotel.
  • The ad spire reaches 100 meters above ground.
  • This was the first modern-style skyscraper built in the zone.
  • A new entrance to Plaça dels Països Catalans was built when the building became a hotel.
  • The sign at the top of the building is in yellow capital letters.
  • The facade is composed of white marble strips and brown strips of windows, topped with a wider white strip.
  • To convert the office space into hotel rooms, hundreds of walls were built and all the windows were replaced.
  • The building is connected at the ground level to Expo Hotel by car ramps and shops.
  • The facade was darker until more reflective windows were installed.
  • The ad spire on the top of the building was not in the early design. It was added many years after the building was completed.
  • The spire is similar to one on the city's tallest building, Torre de Collserola.
  • On April 23, 2005 the building featured a Catalan Flag which was 18-floors long to celebrate St. Jordi's Day.

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Avinguda de Roma 2-4

Technical Data

328.08 ft
262.47 ft
262.47 ft