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First Canadian Place


First Canadian Place
First Bank Tower, FCP


Structure in General

existing [under renovation]
framed tube
curtain wall
forced air
normal floors
yes, centrally controlled


commercial office
service branch(es)


  • The Bank of Montreal logos atop each side were updated in September 2004.
  • There are 600 tons of Italian white marble on each floor.
  • Tallest building in Canada since 1975.
  • Tallest highrise in the British Commonwealth from 1975 until the completion of Malaysia's Petronas Towers in 1998.
  • The main entrance lobby is clad in marble and has 23-foot high ceilings lit by Italian crystal chandeliers.
  • First Canadian Place is the focal point of the country's busiest business and financial district.
  • When completed First Canadian Place was the tallest high-rise in the world outside of New York and Chicago.
  • Over 16 million people visit the building annually.
  • In addition to being a Class AAA office complex FCP is also the largest unanchored retail centre in Toronto featuring 3 levels of over 120 stores, restaurants, and services.
  • The building's environmental system is considered state-of-the-art, with a minimum of 20 controlled zones per floor and capacity for up to 66.
  • The Bank of Montreal "M-bar" logo at the top of the building was the highest sign in the world from 1975 until overtaken by the sign atop CITIC Plaza in 1997.
  • This building has often been listed at its main roof height, 289.9 m (951 feet) but the mechanical penthouse reaches a height of 978 feet.
  • 10,000 people work in this building every weekday.
  • In 2007, the building won the BOMA GO GREEN PLUS Environmental Recognition and Certification.
  • In 2008, the building won the BOMA CDM Power Partner Recognition Award for Energy Conservation & Environmental Stewardship.
  • In 2008, the building won the Maple Leaf “GOLD” Award for Marketing Excellence /Sales Promotion & Events for “Clothes Friends”.
  • Winner of 2005 BOMA Award Certificate of Building Excellence - Building of the Year.
  • The building has been recladded in 2012. Therefore, all 45,000 marble panels have been removed and replaced by 5,600 glass spandrel panels.

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100 King Street West
M5X 1A9

Technical Data

1,164.70 ft
978.02 ft
978.02 ft
222.08 ft
234.78 ft
8.99 ft

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  • One of the city's famous buildings