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Daniels & Fisher Tower


Daniels & Fisher Tower
D&F Tower, Tower Merchandise Mart


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
renaissance revival


commercial office


  • Tallest building west of the Mississippi River from 1910-1914; surpassed by the Smith Tower in Seattle.
  • Modeled on the campanile in St. Mark's Square in Venice, this Renaissance Revival tower was once a landmark advertising Denver's leading department store. While the adjacent five-story emporium was lost to urban renewal, the tower was spared and renovated into offices in 1981 by Gensler and Associates.
  • The slender D&F Tower has a 32-foot square plan. It is faced in blond brick and creamy terra-cotta on a steel skeleton set on a 24-foot deep concrete foundation.
  • Cornices set off a 20th floor arcaded observation deck. Above this on all four faces are Seth Thomas clocks with six-foot hands. In the two uppermost stories is a 2 1/2 ton bell.
  • This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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1601 Arapahoe Street

Technical Data

372.00 ft
325.00 ft
325.00 ft

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
  • National landmark