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Broderick Tower Lofts


Broderick Tower Lofts
Eaton Tower, Broderick Tower, David Broderick Tower


Structure in General

existing [under renovation]
applied masonry
light brown


residential condominium
restaurant commercial office shop(s)


  • Renovation work has begun on the tower following the securing of financing in December 2010.
  • Pre-renovation work on this tower started in the winter of 2005, after much speculation.
  • Was the second tallest building in Michigan when it was completed in 1928.
  • After David Broderick's death in 1957, the tower changed hands many times between 1963 and 1976, finally ending up in the hands of the Higgins family, which retains a stake in the ownership to this day.
  • After his purchase of the tower in 1945, David Broderick created the Sky Top Club on the 33rd floor of the tower, which was a private club used for entertaining Mr. Broderick's associates and guests.
  • The building changed ownership and names in 1945, when the tower was purchased by David Broderick, a Detroit insurance broker, which he then renamed after himself.
  • The tower was originally constructed as the Eaton Tower, named after Theodore Horation Eaton, Jr., an importer and dealer in chemicals and dyes.
  • Once the restoration is complete, the tower will contain retail and entertainment floors 1 through 4 (with a separate mezzanine above floor 1), office space on floors 5 and 6, and residential space on the top floors 7 through 34.
  • This tower is in the Chicago School style topped by a Beaux Arts/Neo-classical inspired crown.
  • Before the decorative cornices were removed, this building was 371'-6" to the top of the parapet wall, and 376'-7" tall to the very tip of the decorative cornice.
  • The tower is not a square, but actually a parallelogram in shape.
  • The humpback whale mural on the rear facade of the building was painted by Metro-Detroit native eco-artist, Wyland and was dedicated on Oct. 13, 1997.
  • The building is currently not in use, except for a restaurant on the ground floor.

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1558-1564 Woodward Avenue
10 Witherell Street

Technical Data

369.42 ft
365.92 ft
348.76 ft

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