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111 South Wacker


111 South Wacker


Structure in General

unbuilt [cancelled]
composite structure
caisson foundation
curtain wall
structural expressionism


commercial office


  • The top of the building is a modified mirror-image of the bottom, with diagonal trusses holding the roof and freeing the upper floors from interior columns.
  • This design was dropped in favor of the revised plan for 111 South Wacker which was built in 2005.
  • The lobby was designed as a round glass enclosure at the base of the stem, leaving room for a plaza with a large artwork.
  • The structure would have required only 14 new caissons, an unusually low number for a building this size.
  • The tower would have narrowed slightly in the middle, with a 2-story space split between mechanical systems and common areas such as conference rooms.
  • The high podium was designed for 2 main reasons: to minimize the quantity of low-rise offices with inferior views; and to utilize the caissons of the U.S. Gypsum Building which are set in from the site's perimeter as that skyscraper was turned 45° to the street.

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111 South Wacker Drive

Technical Data

638.01 ft
638.01 ft
638.01 ft
631.18 ft
9.50 ft

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